What to do Wednesday: Feather Boa

by Kristin on November 24, 2010

As a funky fun kind of gal, I happen to have some things laying around that are not quite functional after their initial use. Yes, I do have a few sparkly tiara’s around, but the one thing that is just hanging around are a few feather boa’s. They are super fun to wear from time to time, but really… you need a super fabulous occasion for a feather boa to be appropriate.

So when my friend Janey shared this fun craft with me, I knew this would be right up my alley! A feather boa wreath!

from 2manyideas on craftsylish.com

You will need just a few items to complete this fun project! A Styrofoam wreath, your hot glue gun, some straight pins and your feather boa!

I use the hot glue on the back of the wreath, starting it out with a straight pin to hold it in place. Then it is just a matter of wrapping the boa around the wreath while putting some glue and pins in here and there. When you have it totally wrapped, you can add some embellishments if you wish. Silver balls, little toys, etc.

Have fun being fabulous!

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