10 Years… and counting!

by Kristin on July 27, 2012

To my Husband, who I love to pieces!!

10 years ago you rode into my life and turned everything upside down. While other doubted my actions in marrying a man I had known for just 2 ½ months and moving 500 miles away from all I knew, you made sure that I was well love, and well taken care of.

You took on the task of becoming an instant dad with some hesitation I am sure, but you fit the bill perfectly. The look on your face when we added another child to the mix, and the tears in your eyes the evening of Keegan’s birth, filled my heart with even more love and joy that I could have ever  imagined.

The road has been a rocky one at times. You have allowed me some pretty crazy whims and given up your household to appease me in a quest to help others. You stuck by my side when I re-discovered my faith, even when I wasn’t the same gal you married. We have faced the challenge of a sometimes loveless marriage and many arguments along the way. You have seen it in your heart to allow me to travel “home” more than many men would have dared to put up with and have generally been pretty tolerant of my need to volunteer for everything under the sun.  You were my rock when my grandma passed away, and loved on me when I couldn’t be with my mother during her heart surgery. You have truly been a saint by sharing our home with my dad, and for that I am, like you, sometimes frustrated, but still grateful.

We have been through so much in so little time, and while you may joke that it seems like we have been married 50 years, lately it feels like it is still so brand new. I can only hope and pray that we will still be alive and enjoying each other in 40 more years.  I love you more and more with each passing day. Thank you for all you are and all you do to make this momma a happy girl. Happy 10th Anniversary baby doll!


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Ok my friends,

You know I love ya and miss you all! Hang with me…. This last few months have been INSANE!

To keep myself accountable, I am posting a list of things I need to do before next weekend. My oldest is graduating High School, and we are doing his Open House the day before. Add to that my travels to Wisconsin over the last month. Eek! Needless to say, I am WAY behind!

So, if you are here, hello! Keep me accountable! LOL!

Work on Zane’s Signature Canvas

Re-work Preston’s Signature Canvas

order photos for grad party

Compile photos for graduation party

Dip and Decorate 700 cake balls

Assemble Zane’s cake

Assemble cake for Project Graduation party

Bake cookies for Mom to Mom sale

Finish up on Tool Caddy’s

Take photos and list on Etsy

Advertise Graduation products on Facebook sale sites

Clean up office!

water plants

clean church

Clean the house


Get chairs from church

Call caterer

Call Tent guy

Send out custom orders

Clean front porch

Get decorations ready for placement

Work on grad party treats

Put away Scrapbook class supplies

Schedule rest of cash mobs for the coming months

Call WF

Deliver cookies for Mom to Mom sale

Deliver cake to Project Graduation party

Get rest of invites out

Put extra supplies downstairs

Clean off back deck

Move swing set

Win Lottery…. Ok… just checking to see if you are still with me here! LOL!

Ok, that is it for now I think. Surely will be adding more as the days go by!

I will be M.I.A. for at least the next week or two… see you all on the flip side!

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